About me

I look at how anthropogenic change affects wild plant populations and communities. Check out this website to learn more about my research, as well as native plant conservation.

Lab News

January 2015 - Ginseng climate change research featured in the Beacon.

October 2014 - Thrush research featured on NPR

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September 2014 - Two new papers: 

Souther, S. & J.B. McGraw. 2014. Synergistic effects of climate change and harvest on extinction risk of American ginseng. Ecological Applications 24(6): 1463-1477.

Hruska, Amy M., Souther, S., and James B. McGraw. Songbird dispersal of American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) Ecoscience 21(1): 46-55.

August 2014 - The Souther lab in the news! Over 40 media outlets picked up coverage of the 'Biotic impacts of energy development from shale' paper. Here are a couple notable links:  The Guardian, Popular Science, ScienceBlog, Wisconsin Public News Service, and The Conversation

August 2014 - Two new papers have come out: 

Souther, S., Terrell, K., Tingley, M.W., Hayman, D.T.S., Popescu, V.D., Ryan, M.E., Graves, T.A. & B. Hartl. 2014. Biotic impacts of energy development from shale: research priorities and knowledge gapsFrontiers in Ecology and the Environment 12: 330-338.

Souther, S., Fetcher, N., Fowler, Z., Shaver G. & J.B. McGraw. 2014. Ecotypic differentiation in photosynthesis and growth of Eriophorum vaginatum along a latitudinal gradient in AlaskaBotany 92: 551-561.

August 2014 - Welcome, Aaron! Aaron Bugby joins the lab to look at managed relocation of understory herbs.