Pit Paste

Ever smell like hot dog water? Afraid to wear synthetics to dances? If you consider yourself “musky”, yet want to avoid antiperspirants, try pit paste – the all-natural deodorant that is sweeping armpits across the nation.

Many of you may have heard the claims that antiperspirants are linked to breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and kidney disease (discussion here). While these claims are generally unsubstantiated, why not reduce chemical exposure and soften your pit skin in the process? Making your own deodorant is easy, and the result is a product easy on sensitive skin with a customized fragrance. Plus, this deodorant works at least as well as antiperspirant. Seriously, we are talking high school prom protection!

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Basic Pit Paste Recipe

Yield: ~4 oz.

·      2 T Shea butter

·      1 T Coconut oil

·      2 T Arrowroot powder

·      1 T Baking soda

·      Essential oils, therapeutic grade*

*In my last batch, I added grapefruit (~10 drops) & patchouli essential oils (~20 drops) resulting in a mild fragrance.


Recipe Alternatives

·      Want to put it in an old deodorant container? Add an extra 1 T Arrowroot powder.

·      Need extra smell protection? Replace 1 T of Arrowroot powder with 1 T baking soda.

Melt the Shea butter and coconut oil over a double boiler (I use a mason jar – then seal it up to use for next time). Once Shea butter and coconut oil have completely melted, remove from heat and add arrowroot, baking soda, and essential oils. Pour into a container of your choosing (I use squat glass jars). The deodorant takes several days to fully set – you can accelerate the process by popping it in the freezer for a few hours. Warning:  Some people develop a rash when the paste contains too much baking soda. Eventually, your pits will acclimate, but if you have sensitive skin, start with the low baking soda dose. If using the original recipe, the resulting product is a paste, slightly thicker than lotion. Apply a small amount (pea size or less) under each arm & Smell you later. 

For those with no time to make their own, this commercial pit paste is excellent.